We are an experienced, exciting and pioneering freelance consultancy that uses dogs to detect an assortment of scents in a variety of wildlife detection roles. Our professional and friendly service allows for a quicker, less invasive, more innovative way of wildlife searching for conservation, ecology and poaching prevention.

Building upon techniques from explosives and drug detection, we have pioneered ways to harness dogs’ remarkable sense of smell to protect biodiversity, ecology and wildlife. We train through reward, and focus on a great welfare experience for all our canine colleagues.

Wildlife detection dogs are fast, reliable and diverse. They cover vast areas and find scents far quicker than their human counterparts, providing an efficient, cost-effective and non-invasive way to gather high-quality conservation data.

It’s our mission to provide a wildlife detection service that is not only innovative but delivers real value for money. From supplying pre-trained dogs and handlers to bespoke training for your own project and full project management services, we are here to provide a total solution for your wildlife conservation needs.

As a professional freelance consultancy, we know that collaboration and trust are the ingredients of a successful relationship, and that trust is earned over more than a single engagement. We work in partnership with conservation groups, ecologists, universities, government agencies, NGOs, wildlife crime officers and private industry to deliver the only thing that matters — results.

Wildlife Crime Detection

Our Services

Conservation K9 provides specially trained wildlife detection dogs, handlers and trainers to aid your conservation efforts. We work on a variety of conservation projects from the smallest assistance to flagship programmers worldwide. We provide a professional and efficient approach to all your wildlife detection needs.

Educational Seminars

We offer bespoke seminars for educational institutions and private companies

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Wildlife Detection & Monitoring

Discover where species live, how many there are and other vital information

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Wildlife Crime Detection

Dogs trained to detect poison as well as combat poaching, illegal trafficking and more

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Biosecurity Detection

Biosecuriity dog teams to help detect and prevent pests or diseases

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Training and Consultancy

Prescriptive training and mentoring to refresh the old or help a new generation of dog handlers

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Contraband Detection

Training and consultancy for all types of substance detection available

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