Contraband, Pest Control and More

Ask us about our tobacco, cash, explosives, cadaver, live body and drug detection searches, educational talks, demos and workshops.

Working dogs for contraband detection, pest control and more.

Contraband detection

When it comes to detecting contraband, dogs offer pinpoint accuracy and eliminate any guesswork. If you suspect someone of carrying drugs, you can go through the business of questioning and strip searching them. Or you could train a dog to screen their person. Such is their sense of smell, trained dogs can even detect minute chemical traces in the sweat of smugglers who have deposited drugs inside their body.

Our service covers all types of contraband including drugs, cash, tobacco, live body (stowaways), cadaver, firearms and explosives. We specialize in searching concealed areas that are not accessible to human searchers – drastically reducing the time and manpower needed to keep everyone safe and legal.

Our operational handling, training capabilities and qualifications are:

Pest control

Rodents are notoriously hard to locate and prevent and infestations can be costly. Our dogs can identify exactly where a mouse enters and exits a building – meaning traps can be set in the areas that have the most impact. Achieving a 96% detection rate, our service offers a quicker, comprehensive and more cost-effective method of rodent control.

We also train dogs to sniff out bedbugs. Dogs take around five minutes to check a room for the blood-sucking pests, a job that would take a well-trained pest control expert around 45 minutes. Hotels, B&Bs, hostels, holiday companies, airlines, train companies, local government and landlords choose our services to give customers peace of mind that their building does not include any extra guests.

A glimpse of our pest control services:

Complementary services

We are in the business of education. Conservation K9 Consultancy is proud to deliver workshops, presentations, demos and educational services to your conservation organisation, education facility and dog handling teams.

Our complimentary services offer the chance to work with an expert detection dog handler and to learn the foundation for scent detection training. With practical demonstrations by operational detection dogs, we hope you will that you find our presentations engaging and motivational – and be amazed at the virtually limitless applications for our world-class detection dogs.

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