Training and Consultancy

Training the handlers

It is not possible for just anyone to handle a detection dog, they need experience and training. Handlers need the confidence and ability to read the dogs’ subtle response signals, and the patience to deal with such high-energy, supremely motivated animals day after day. Dog welfare, behaviour, psychology, handling and operations are essential tools in the handler’s belt.

Through our application process, we offer some select courses to pre assessed individuals who have a wildlife detection project, either research based or ecology based. We also offer training courses for people interested in all things detection to help give them a step in the right direction.

With all detection dogs that we are tasked with training and procuring we can only do this if the handler is also undergoing training and education to be a professional handler. With the increase in interest in this field of expertise we are trying to now help lay down standards and provide mentoring for those individuals who are seriously entering this arena.



Louise has gained experience working with the best dog trainers and handlers, whether it was Police, Military or Civilian. Developing her handling and training skills is a great passion and being able to help teach other what she has been lucky enough to learn about detection is her aim!

Louise’s previous role was to train and sign off all working dogs as well as fix training and handling issues with all dogs when and if needed. Sometimes dogs were taken off working duties due to operational issues and Louise took these individuals home and worked with them through rehabilitation and evaluation of handler to work out what was going wrong. With over 500 dogs trained and handled by Louise now she has vast knowledge or Continuation training, re-training and re-teaming of specialist dog teams and most breed experience.


Prescriptive Bespoke Training, Mentoring and Consultation

Suggestions and examples of what the training would include:-